Paper Summary Submission

Paper Summary Requirements

The paper summary should not exceed four pages. The summary should be submitted as a .pdf document using the criteria established below. The author(s) must include within the four-page limit all text, equations, drawings, figures, and references. Tables, photographs, and drawings must appear on the page exactly as they are to appear in the conference proceedings. The abstract should not be repeated in the summary. Do not use asterisks or footnotes. Cite references as superscript number within the text and at the end of the summary.

Sample Paper Summary
[Click here] to obtain a Word version of a sample paper summary.

Note the sample has 1” margins around all sides, has a header "16th Coherent Laser Radar Conference", has two columns separated by 0.25 inches, has 10-point Arial font in the main body, has a 14-point Arial bold font centered title and centered authors and addresses in 10 point Arial, etc. It has no page numbers since summaries will be numbered sequentially in the proceedings.

See detailed paper summary format instructions below.

Format Details

Enter Title Here
(14-point type size, Arial font, Upper- and lower- case, Bold and centred over two columns)

Author (or authors) Information entered here
Email addresses
(10-point type size, Arial font, upper and lower case, centred under the title)

1. Introduction

Clearly explain the nature of the problem, previous work, purpose, and contribution of the summary paper.

2. Body of Summary

For the body of your document, use Arial font, 10-point type size, single-spaced.  The whole document should be fully justified (not only left-justified).  Headings should be 10-point, upper- and lower-case, bold.  Subheadings should be 10-point upper- and lower-case, italic.

* Paper Size: LETTER (8.5” by 11.0)
* Margins:
     Top, bottom, left, and right 1.00”
     Subsequent pages 1.00” for top, bottom, left, and right
     Space between two columns 0.25”
* Justification: Full justification of the document
* Header: (centered on page) 14th Coherent Laser Radar Conference
* No page numbers
* Tables and Graphs: Minimum 8-point type size, all captions should be upper- and lower-case, bold, and centered over one column of body text.

3. Conclusion

Clearly indicate advantages, limitations, and possible applications.

4. Acknowledgements

A brief acknowledgement section may be included between the Conclusion and References (optional). Do not include author biographies.

5. References

References should appear in your reference section numbered as a Superscript and in the order that they are used in the text. Example

     A. Einstein, “On a Heuristic Viewpoint Concerning the Production and Transformation of Light,” Annalen der Physik, pages xxx-yyy, (1905)
     Reference B
     Reference C

6. Deadline for Summary Paper Submission

Deadline for receipt of Abstract and Paper Submission is posted on the conference webpage (April 15, 2011). ( Paper Submission)

In order for your paper to be published in the Proceedings, the following conditions must be satisfied:

     1. Your paper must be accepted.
     2. Your paper must be presented at the conference by one of the authors.
     3. Your paper must be submitted electronically in a .pdf format.
     4. Papers poorly produced or incorrectly formatted past the deadline will not be included in the proceedings.

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