Dr. Falguni Patadia

Dr. Falguni Patadia


National Space Science & Technology Center
320 Sparkman Dr, #1045

Huntsvill, AL  35805
Phone: 256-417-9047
Email: fpatadia at usra.edu  or  falguni.patadia at nasa.edu
Personal Url: https://science.gsfc.nasa.gov/sed/bio/falguni.patadia


  • Satellite Remote Sensing of Aerosols
  • Radiative effects of aerosols on earth radiation budget and climate
  • Air Quality
  • Error Budgets of satellite based aerosol retrieval algorithm
  • Atmospheric Corrections
  • Radiative Transfer Modeling
  • Aerosol cloud interaction and impact on aerosol retrievals


Dr Patadia is a Scientist at the Science and Technology Institute (STI), Universities Space Research Application (USRA), NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Dr Patadia obtained her PhD in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She serves as the portfolio manager for SERVIR’s Applied Science Team (AST).  Dr Patadia is also a scientist at NASA-Goddard's Climate and Radiation Laboratory, Goddard Earth Sciences Technology and Research (GESTAR), USRA. She works with the MODIS Aerosol Dark Target team on aerosol retrievals from satellite observations. Her focus is on developing methods to estimate uncertainties in the MODIS aerosol product and studying the impact of clouds on aerosol retrievals. Dr Patadia has also been studying he effect of atmospheric aerosols on Earth's radiation budget using MODIS, MISR and CERES satellite data. She is also interested in mapping aerosol types using MISR observations of aerosols.