As the photographs on this page show, storms never look or behave exactly the same, from one storm event to the next. What aspects of the storm environment regulate the morphology and intensity of storms on any given day? COMPASS, a large parameter space study using numerical simulations as a tool, is attempting to obtain an answer to this question.

2 June 1999: high-based nontornadic supercell west of Haigler, NE

3 June 1999: low-based tornadic supercell near Almena, KS.

18 February 2000: nonsevere minisupercell near Huntsville, AL.

6 June 1994: heavy precipitation supercell near Valentine, NE.

7 July 1993: isolated summertime pulse storm near Huntsville, AL.

14 November 1993: solid multicellular squall line near Corinth, MS.

This site is under construction and much more data will be added in the coming months.

Supported by NSF Grant ATM-0126408
Eugene W. McCaul, Jr., USRA, Principal Investigator, Email: [email protected]
Charles Cohen, USRA, Co-Investigator
Donald J. Perkey, UAH, Co-Investigator

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