Conference Details

Meeting Format
The meeting is scheduled to run from Monday morning, June 20, 2011, through June 24, 2011, with a conference check-in reception from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Sunday, June 19, 2011.  The program will consist of a combination of invited and contributed papers.

Speaker Check-in
All speakers are requested to check in at the registration desk prior to their talk to confirm equipment needs.  Speakers can send their presentation via electronically by May 1, 2011 using the submission template. (or see below to submit abstract and paper submissions).

If the presentation is not sent prior to the meeting, Speakers are requested to pre-load their presentation (see Audio/Visual Equipment below) at least 30 minutes before the session begins. 

Audio/Visual Equipment
The meeting room will contain the following audio/visual equipment:

Podium microphone
Lavaliere microphone
Laptop Projector with Screen
Laser pointer

Please note any additional equipment requirements on the registration form.

Oral Presentations
The oral presentations should be a maximum of 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions from the audience for contributed papers.  For invited papers, the corresponding times are 25 and 5 respectively.

Poster Sessions
The poster session times are TBD.  For the poster session, each author is provided one bulletin board (4x8) on which to display a summary of the paper. Authors must remain in the vicinity of the bulletin board for the duration of the session to answer questions from participants.  Note the poster papers are not supplied with any audio/visual equipment.  The summaries of both oral and poster papers will be published in the proceedings.

Abstract and Paper Submission Details
Please prepare your electronic submission as a .pdf file using the following criteria:

Paper Size:  LETTER (8.5” by 11.0)
Margins: -Top of first page 3.2 cm (1.25”)
                -Bottom, left, and right 2 cm (1.00”)
                -Subsequent pages 2 cm (1.00”) for top, bottom, left, and right
                -Space between two columns 1.25 cm 0.5”
Justification: Full justification of the document

All submissions must be sent electronically.

Abstract [click here]

The abstract template requires title of the talk at the top of the page followed by the author’s name, affiliation, and complete return address.  In case of multiple authors, each author’s name, affiliation and the address should be listed separately after the title.  The use of scientific and engineering symbols as well as acronyms should be avoided in the abstract and title. Abstracts longer than 100 words may be arbitrarily shortened by the program committee.  The abstract (including title and author information) will be reproduced directly to create a separate conference pocket proceedings and therefore must be submitted as a separate single page.

Paper Submission [click here]

The paper should not exceed 4 pages.  The paper should be created as a .pdf format using the criteria established.  The author(s) must include within the four-page limit all text, equations, drawings, figures, and references.  Tables, photographs, and drawings must appear on the page exactly as they are to appear in the conference proceedings.  The abstract should not be repeated in the paper.  Do not use asterisks or footnotes. Cite references as superscript number within the text and at the end of the paper.

If the paper is accepted, it will be reproduced directly by photo-offset from the material submitted by the author(s) and will be distributed to all registrants. 

The program committee can reject papers not fulfilling the above requirements.  The program committee assumes that the papers have been approved to be presented at this meeting by the author’s organizations.

Post-Deadline Papers
The purpose of the post dead-line papers is to give participants the opportunity to hear new and significant material in rapidly advancing areas.

The program committee will accept a limited number of post-deadline papers for oral presentations.  The remainder will be presented at the poster session.  Papers should be submitted in electronic format as stated above no later than May 15, 2011 (original and one copy).  Accepted post-deadline papers will be presented at the meeting at a time to be announced.

Message and Conference Information
Messages for participants should be directed to the CLRC.  All messages will be available at the information desk.  Program changes, the schedule for presentation of post-deadline papers, and other current information will be available at the Information Desk.  Participants should check at the Information Desk daily for messages.

Conference Welcome
The conference check-in reception will be held Sunday June 19, 2011, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  You may pick-up your participant packets at that time.

Continental Breakfast and Lunch will be included in the registration fee for participants.

A theme-banquet will be held Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 7:00 pm.  The banquet is open to participants and guests.  The cost is not included in the Registration Fee.

Panel Discussion
An informal panel discussion is TBD.  Subjects will be announced at the meeting

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