Paper Topics to be Considered
Below is a list of paper topics to be considered for the conference.

  • Laser Radar Theory, Modeling, and Simulation
    • Atmospheric propagation
    • Target or aerosol backscatter
    • Coherent or direct detection statistics
    • Comparison of Coherent and Direct Detection Laser Radar Systems
      • theory, model prediction, and experiment comparison
      • for both aerosol and hard targets
  • Ground and Airborne Wind Lidar Systems (design, measurements, applications)
    • General Wind and aerosol measurements
    • Wake vortex detection and tracking
    • Airport wind hazards
    • Clear air turbulence
    • Applications to Wind Energy Efficiency Optimization
  • Space-Based Lidar (design and performance predictions for both coherent and direct detection)
    • Winds
    • Atmospheric greenhouse gases
  • DIAL/IPDA and DISC Systems
    • Atmospheric CO2, other molecules
    • Pollution detection and tracking
    • Chem-Bio
  • Hard Target Laser Radar
    • Detection, tracking, and discrimination
    • Proximity operations, machine vision
    • 3D imaging
    • Precision velocity and vibration measurements
  • Wavefront Sensing and Control for Coherent Lidar Systems
  • Synthetic and Multiple Aperture Coherent Laser Radar Systems
    • Optical phased array transmitters
    • Phase coherent multiple pixel receivers
    • Speckle imaging
  • Advanced Component Technologies
    • Transmitters
    • Receivers
    • Novel Optics / Optical Integrated Circuits
    • Space qualified lidar components
    • Advanced Signal Processing
      • Hardware and software
      • Novel algorithms
  • Target Characterization
    • Calibrated targets
    • Signal statistics, speckle, cross section measurements
  • Related Coherent Optical Technologies and Applications
    • Telecom
    • Biological imaging systems
  • Novel Systems
    • Other novel applications of coherent systems
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